Mission And Vision


Vision “To be regarded among the best regulatory agencies in the Caribbean region by being successful at fairly, predictably and transparently balancing the interests of all stakeholders”   Mission Statement “The National Water and Sewerage Commission is committed to acting in a transparent and predictable manner in order to ensure that the highest quality of […]

Functions and Powers


FUNCTIONS AND POWERS The functions and powers of the Commission include the following— receiving and considering applications for the— provision of a water supply service, provision of a sewerage service; making recommendations to the Minister for the approval of applications made under paragraph (a); establishing and approving tariff schemes in accordance with Division 5 of […]

Know Your Rights


RIGHTS OF CUSTOMER  Be informed by the service licensee of the rights and obligations of the service licensee under the service license. Receive a service which complies with the minimum standards of quality of water, provision of service and environmental performance, provided for under this Act. Access the contents of a service license and receive […]